Mondrean - L.A. Spirit of Fashion

Mondrean CD

On the 15 hours flight to Los Angeles, aside from entertainment on board and the usual Bloody Mary, only one thing can cheer me up: thinking about what I’ll do right after landing.

It has become almost a ritual: running with my lugguage to the car rental office, getting on La Ciniega and driving to Sunset Boulevard on an open Mustang cabriolet plunged in the afternoon sun. I go through the huge Mondrian door and, checking in and having my suitcase taken to the room, I can hardly wait till I finally get to be on the Sky Bar again: the swimming pool, the big pillows, the vanilla scent, the intense colors of the bougainvilles growing wildly on the beach house.. A real beach atmosphere in the middle of the city: open air, view on L.A., cool and sexy people and my favourite drink: an apple Martini. Fantastic! I happily close my eyes, plunge in the big pillows and enjoy the evening California sun.

There it comes again, that unmistakable sound. Cheers and welcome to L.A.!

Uwe Kröger